Las Vegas Booth Promotional Massage

Body Connection USA is your perfect event and convention promotion partner in Las Vegas for everything with regards to your marketing strategy needs with the help of our various massages. If you are wondering how to boost attendance on your trade show booths or how to attract more people to your corporate events, or  how to ensure crowds on marketing tours then you have come to the right place.

Body Connection USA has been an event massage provider for almost 20 years and we can assure you that we give the best services for your sales boost.  Our massage therapists are trained, courteous, punctual and highly skilled professionals.  They are always ready and poised to bring quality service.

Here at Body Connection USA, we are always ready and eager to accommodate you.  We return phone calls and emails on time, we communicate clearly and we follow through from the beginning until the event is complete.  Our main goal is to make you and your convention or event successful.  By using our various offering of massages, you are guaranteed to more people in your trade shows and longer interactive time with convention attendees. More engaged people means more sales.


Here’s how.

Be Different and Stand Out

Using The Body Connection to provide massages for potential customers is the best way to be different and  will surely make your company stand out.  Whether you are introducing a new product or trumping up some business for your company, choosing to offer massages at your booth will surely make you the one to beat.

Capture the crowds’ attention

Attendees will have hundreds, even thousands of booths to consider, each one trying to call their attention in its own way. But you have something to offer that they can’t afford to turn their backs on, and that will be the key to capturing their attention and draw them into your booth.

Who wouldn’t give in?

Who wouldn’t enjoy a 15-minute free massage after a seemingly endless day of absorbing every information, and walking around a giant Las Vegas convention center? It will always be easier to get your point, or sell your product to happy, satisfied and relaxed customers.

Most of our repeat clients say “The Body Connection holds the gold standard”

And that we are , “ The best convention chair massage company, hands down.”

So give The Body Connection a call and we will work around your date, your time, and your booth specifications. We will show up at your event with our massage therapists, a massage chair or even two, and sets of hands that are always eager to get to work, and we are good to go. All you need to do is watch an endless number of customers that would cram your booth and get those sales going.



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