Employee-Paid Massage: Is it Really Effective?

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There are a lot of massage programs for companies to benefit employees but one thing that’s quite different is an Employee-Paid Massage Program. This is a program that companies are able to bring in massage services companies within their workplace but as it says, the employees  are the ones who will have to pay for the massage service whether it is a chair massage or other massage setups provided. Although it seems that this may be seen as a good opportunity, a lot say that these programs mostly fail. Let’s try to know why these programs are not that good of an opportunity.


Employees Don’t Really Enjoy it Fully

Giving access to these massage programs for employees and having them pay for it seems good to have in the workplace. What’s making it going down the other side is that it doesn’t benefit the employees much since the company doesn’t shoulder the costs fully. Sometimes, they even have limited access to the chair massage services and sometimes employees who participate in getting these massage services would often be quite low in attendance. This often leads to employees not really happy with what they have especially that the company doesn’t really “provide it to them fully”.


Not really a Win-Win Situation

Given this type of situation for the services provided, most often these employee-paid programs most often come to an end at a fast rate. In the participation rate, the percentage is really low. The employees knowing that the company “doesn’t fully give it to them”, they tend not to invest at all in these services. But having this on the other way around when the employer pays the services, employees attending to have the services greatly increases. This often is mostly self-explanatory for most of the people. This seems to be the case for most employee-paid massage services.


As most companies try to give out these opportunities and services, not all employee-paid services will be much of help to them. One thing that can give back to the employees for their hard work is at least to give them some massage programs shouldered by the company or if not, at least maybe give them  like half price offers at least to be able to give them much advantage when trying to get some massage services within the office. It would still be a good idea though to have massage services at the workplace as we all know that the benefits of having a massage are very good against stress. May they just need to properly set this up for the employees in the workplace to be much more beneficiary.



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