Body Connection USA understands that it is very important for you to attract attendees and draw other exhibitors to your exhibit booth for events and conventions held here in Las Vegas. We will help you create a booth promotion campaign that will attract lots and lots of attendees to your booth and give them an experience they will never forget. Our services are sure to make attendees feel better about your company’s products and services by helping them feel good physically and mentally.

Increase Visibility and Connection

convention massages offering a chair massages, foot massages for events in las vegas

convention massages offering a chair massages, foot massages for events in las vegas

When you offer a free chair massage for booth promotion at corporate trade shows, you will not only give relaxation and enjoyment to attendees and exhibitors, you will also have a cost effective marketing tool that is aimed at providing your company with increased visibility and more time with future clients.

Teaming up with Body Connection USA in setting up chair massages in your promotional booth will constantly draw attention to your booth every minute for the duration of the event or conventions in Las Vegas.   Attention from attendees and exhibitors means you will get bigger crowds, and bigger crowds mean a big chance to generate leads and find potential customers.

Become the Oasis in the Vast Competition

Attendees and other exhibitors have traveled far and some are on their feet most of the day visiting other exhibits and promotional booths in different conventions held in Las Vegas. The stress will affect peoples’ focus  and takes away  the impact of your marketing message as it will be delivered to them.  That is why Body Connection USA’s varied set of chair massage services are perfect for your booth promotion.  Participants and event competitors will have to visit your booth because it has become a place where people would find rest and comfort.  This they will find indeed in your promotional booth  if you have Body Connection USA to help you.

The final result of being an oasis is that people will also have an increased awareness of your company.  With Body Connections, your exhibit’s message will have their way massaged into the potential customer’s mindset.  They will then later on, relate your message with the goodness that they felt.  Now that is a powerful booth marketing strategy.


Body Connection USA has a wide range of well-trained professional massage therapist who have many experience in tradeshow massages and they will help you reach the results you aim for.  They will help you do your promotional goals with ease by easing and charming they way into the passing potential clients.  A free Chair Massage will let your attendees and even other exhibitors know that you are concerned about their health and well-being. This will definitely help you set your company apart from in trade shows. site1

We have Beautiful Massage Therapists

Another good thing about Body Connection USA is that we boast a lot of attractive and beautiful massage therapists. Imagine having models who not only talk with your clients but touches them as well. It would mean for your booth intimate connection, which results to a wonderful booth promotion.

They can be ambassadors of your Brand

Our Gorgeous massage therapists can wear your logos and become your booth ambassadors as they charm their way through a chair massage in conventions.  If not making potential customers feel relax, our beautiful ladies can hand out flyers to passersby to promote our booth, and what your booth has to offer with a free relaxing chair massage.

And while our attractive masseuses are at work on one of the attendees or other exhibitors, they can also work their magic on collecting business cards, check IDs and even refresh your company staff.

Body Connection USA will provide you with all you need when it comes to your booth promotion. So why not give us a call now.  Call us if you would like to learn more about chair massage for your trade show booth and we will give you a quote.

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