Exhibit Booth Chair Massage

What more will attract attendees to your exhibit booth than a FREE Chair Massage? Your booth will surely become popular to customers with this strategy. By using The Body Connection USA‘s Exhibit Booth Chair Massage and providing free chair massage in your sales zone, you are given an ample amount of time to promote your company and your product/s to people who wait in line to avail of this relaxing and free feature in your booth.

Chair massage always works. The sight of massage chair and therapists working will surely attract passersby and they will stop, observe and soon ask how they can get a massage, and as they say, the rest is history. It is a sure way to promote your booth and a sure win for your company.

So stand out at conventions, trade shows and corporate events here in Las Vegas with our Exhibit Chair Massage, offer foot massage or chair massage in your exhibit booth. It is one of the best promotion strategies for your booth and can definitely improve your trade show sales here in Las Vegas.

How does convention chair massage return on investment at trade shows?

  • “Free Massage” creates booth buzz and attracts customers to your booth.

News travel fast, and free stuff attract a lot of spectators and sure customers especially if you have something free being offered in your booth, much more if it’s a free massage.

convention massages offering free back massages, chair massage for events in las vegas

convention massages offering free back massages, chair massage for events in las vegas

  • Increase in booth visitors means increased odds of qualified leads.

So people will tell other people you have something free offered in your booth, so attendees will soon come rushing and see what you have in store for them, every visitor means a potential lead, and leads mean potential sale.

  • A chair massage keeps convention attendees in your sales zone.

Attendees will surely avail of your free massage and that keeps them in your area for at least 10 minutes longer, so your sales staff can make a pitch, convince customers, and of course make sales.

“And as this promotion continues, word will get out, tweets will fly that you are hosting a free exhibit booth massage and soon your company will benefit more and be known. Contact us now now to get a free quote on your booth exhibition.”


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