convention massages offering free back massages, chair massage for events in las vegas


Convention massage in Las Vegas is fun and one of the most effective marketing strategies that gets attention; it goes beyond the free chair massage in an exhibit booth. You might want to consider these effective ideas to promote your products and services and of course elevate yours sales at conventions, tradeshows, corporate events and meetings.


Do you want more customers to gather and see what your booth offers? Why not try our massage with audio/visual messaging.

convention massages offering free massages for events

Entice customers with free massage and watch the line and of course the sales grow by the minute as tradeshow attendees wait for their turn and hear what your company has instore for them.

And Chair Massage accompanied with headsets and IPADS on tripods will convey your sales message to customers and booth visitors before they receive the revitalizing chair massage.


This terrific service you will offer customers can clearly explain the complexity of your services or the technicality of your products that sometimes takes so much time explaining. But with the audio/visual messaging while relaxing in a free massage, customers will become more relax. Once the customers are relaxed and happy, they sure can listen well, understand clearly and soon be ready to talk sales.

Massage for Booth Promotions in Las Vegas

Promote your company by dressing our massage therapists with your logo on shirts, or hats. You can also embellish their workspaces, work mats, and recliner headrests with your company logo. This way, customers will be see who treated them really  good.


What more can remind the customers and other booth visitors of your company’s caring touch than by branding everyday comfort items such as hand towels, travel pillows and eye masks with your company logo.

Massage for PromotionsBOOTH MODELS

And of course who could resist an appealing booth model that would entice passersby to stop for a free massage in your booth, so you can focus your attention and energy on attaining your main goal, which is to make a lot of sales.

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