Convention Massage as a Means of Marketing Your Events

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Everyone is looking for some ways to improve their marketing especially when it comes to events and conventions. It is hard and some of the people are traumatized by previous experience of bad conventions with boring speakers and boring programs. This just makes it extra hard to market events unless you have paid huge speakers and facilitators.

However, you are in luck, with the dawn of convention massage, you can add this as a way to market your event! And the best part, it works! here are some reasons why having portable massage as a great addition when marketing your event.

A lot of people love it

The truth is, a lot of people are actually enjoying massage and they just makes people look forward to an event. It is because it serves as a great diversion and it is also quite fun to have during breaks or when they get stiff by sitting for long hours. A perfect Ice breaker we should say.

It is unique

The cool thing about this concept is that it is unique. A lot of people are not yet familiar that it is possible to have convention massage. This gives you an edge that you can add in your poster and people will be buzzing about it. So don’t miss the chance!

It is inexpensive

Another thing you should consider as an organizer is the cost. You want to cut the cost and you don’t want to add perks that will be too costly for you. With convention massages however, you get to have them at a low price and even for free! They set it up and you can do a deal with them that the masseuse get the profit 100% but of course, that’s not very smart isn’t it when you can make the cut too.

It is easy to setup

These portable tables and chairs for massage are quite easy to setup this makes the experience a lot better and makes them cleanup anytime you want.

It does not consume that much space

Unlike booths that consume huge spaces in your convention area, these massage-ready portable table and chairs are perfect for such! With them being able to operate without consuming the space and blocking any area, then this would be a lovely addition to your conventions.


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