Myths about Convention Massage

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Convention massage has been sprouting around like crazy! People are considering it in their conventions and even people who do public speaking gigs have even considered them. In fact, one of the local club conventions of a famous Speaking Organization incorporate them and have received wonderful results. So where are these bashing and myths coming from? What really is the reality of convention massages in today’s world? Here are some myths- debunked.

They Don’t Work

The thing is they actually work! People who think that a fifteen-minute quick massage does not do good to the body should actually try it! It helps people stayed relax and focus on the now especially in boring conventions where people are just sitting the whole day. In fact, sitting the whole day can do more harm. With convention massage and its setup it just makes people feel relaxed in their conventions and are able to have a better experience with the talk and sessions.

They are expensive

They are far from expensive. Just because they are in a convention or in a hotel, they are not necessarily expensive. in fact, you can get more of your bucks just by fifteen minutes of your time, the results lasts for hours! So you should better try it out!

They are not possible

Some people think that bringing a whole crew of masseuse and their heavy equipment are not just possible for a convention. The truth is there are a lot of portable massage tables and chair that allows masseuse to deliver their expertise easily. They can still provide the best results despite not being in an environment. These portable massage sessions are also design to be done in an open environment, so it is actually safe to have one in public or in the corner of the on-going convention.

People don’t go to them

The thing is, people are actually crazy about them and it is not just an age bracket. You might think that older people are more inclined to having a good quick massage. But in fact, younger audience are catching up.

So those are the myths debunked. Go ahead and check out or have a massage when having conventions!

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Convention Massage as a Means of Marketing Your Events