Is Massage for Relaxation Only?

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Do massage provide you something else than just relaxation? A lot of convention massage and mobile massage have been sprouting out because of these added benefits. If you are living under a rock and not tried a massage yet, then you should probably go more and explore the world. For those who have personally experienced a good massage, you know that it only not provides you relaxation but also provides you with so much more.

But let us get to the nitty-gritty of this and delve into studies and real testimonials. What do they say?

The Short Answer

The short answer- yes, it provides more benefits than just relaxation and this has been told in reference to ancient times!

The Long Answer

Well, there are more than 80 kinds of massage out there! The purpose of massage is to primarily help the muscles relax and increase the flow of blood, hence it helps flow oxygen and decrease pain.

But of course, each massage therapy delivers varying results. Here are some of the most common ones that offer real benefits other than relaxation.

Shiatsu Massage – using varying and rhythmic pressure from the fingers on part of the body performs this one. This helps target relaxation on the body and said to provide more energy due to the flow of qi.

Deep Tissue Massage – is a form of therapy that employs pattern of strokes that are deep pressured. This is performed on tight muscles. This way, it resolves tension and gets not just a soothing feeling but a relief on stress.

Swedish massage – a common therapy where long strokes and kneading are used. These strokes produce friction and enhanced flexibility of the body. You will feel rejuvenated and seem to be more flexible after it.

So these are just a quick types of massage that deliver more benefits on top of relaxing benefits. Now you should know that massage also fixes other problems such as low back pain, high blood, migraine, anxiety, and even cancer!

Although, you may think that these claims are unrealistic. Research shows that with frequent massage, people have achieved not so amazing outcome but better outcome nonetheless.

Here are some of them that they have found.

Benefits of Massage

Healing – there has been a study that shows people who get a massage therapy right after an extensive exercise heals 14 percent faster.

Prevents damage – furthermore with a good massage, you will be able to prevent damage of muscle fibers despite using it heavily.

So there might be a thin line of massage and its benefits, for a quick and short massage, you can never be wrong!

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