What to Expect on your First Massage Session

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Hearing and reading about the good things about having a massage can be very pleasing. But what if you haven’t tried one and your having second thoughts or awkward moments just thinking about it? In the first place, the aim to have a massage is to have relaxation and also to ease those thoughts for first timers or those not really sure in having one, let’s replace those thoughts with relaxing ideas. And what a good way to do that than to know about what you should expect in having a massage.

Preperations and Expectations

First things first, you’ve got to prepare yourself both physically and mentally. Make sure your not feeling sick or feeling anything funny before going to get a massage. Also expect that when having a massage, certain pressure will be applied to your body. It would also be advisable not to eat before a massage or if not, just make sure not to get too full after your meal. Drinking water is also good before having a massage. When going to get a massage, make sure your are also calm and not stressed out. Being early with the given schedule can help you avoid rushing yourself to the place and get all stressed up. If you are going to inquire when you get to the place, being early also helps just in case the bookings get filled up so you have the option to wait or maybe go to another massage center.

For massages in medical clinics where professional therapists will do the work, you maybe asked a few questions before you begin your session like medical conditions, problematic areas in your body and other related questions that pertains to your body. For regular spas, you will be given some instructions to follow and basically the therapist will be guiding to in your session.

The Massage

Once you are all freshen up and ready, the therapist will provide you some clothing to wear and some towels or blankets to make sure that only the working areas of the body will be exposed. As you lay down and let the therapist start, make sure to be calm, relaxed and also dont forget to breathe calmly as pressure is being applied to your body.

As your therapist starts, you will also be asked on how light or how hard the pressure you want them to apply during the session. Don’t forget that if it’s painful, never hesitate to tell your therapist to loosen up the pressure or also you may have it the other way around if it’s too soft. Just make sure to relax, enjoy, and the therapist will guide you all throughout the session.




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