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With all the kinds of services in the industry, Massage has been one of the great relaxing, therapeutic and healthy services included. Now, aside from seeing these in spas, stations or within malls and centers, big massage conventions are also very popular now that a lot of people go to. The great thing about massage conventions is that not only they showcase some new gear like massage chairs and devices, they also showcase some great massage tips and demos that definitely get your body going. Let’s take a look at some of the big massage conventions that rock out.

The Big Massage Conventions

Going to massage conventions can really be an eye opener to know more about a healthy lifestyle. The good thing about these is that professionals and experts will ba able to educate and open your eye to the wonders of massage. Even the massage therapists themselves go to these conventions to seek out new ways, inspiration and even more on some technology behind some of the great massage devices. Now let’s dig into some of the big conventions in the market.

ISPA Conference & Expo

The International Spa Association (ISPA) Conference and Expo is one of the great conventions held. Within their years of events, it brought together over 200 companies and presented great and top of the line spa products for people. This convention was last held in Las Vegas, Nevada and is a great way to go around the strip and also see some great show within the conventions

AMTA National Convention

AMTA or the American Massage Therapy Association also holds one of the biggest convention pertaining to massage therapy education and other features. It is one the major provider of resources and education in the art of massage therapy. Great speakers and heads of leading companies and schools present fresh and educational materials including sessions to have more engagement in the learning and much more.


The great thing about convention massage and other educational gatherings is that is good for education, business, and your lifestyle as well. If you might be near one or perhaps attend the upcoming conventions, then definitely it is a great experience for you to take.


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