Massage Myths That You Should Know

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We all know that having a massage will give great benifits both physically and mentally. It relieves the stress and make us feel better. But with all those things that we commonly know, there are also some myths that we should know in order for us to truly know what it brings. Here are some of those myths that you might want to know about.

Massage Myths

Massage is all about moving the muscles

As we might see it, it seems it;s more about the muscles but it does more than that. A massage can actually stretch those areas in your body which lets the connecting tissues for the muscle, bones and organs to have relief. It can also can also improve blood circulation, move fluids to relax your joints, help relieve swelling and make your body much more comfortable. These can be good for areas with arthritis, muscle pain, and also keep the energy flowing within you.

The effects will just be temporary

Some may feel that the effects are just temporary but having a regular massage will actually give you a great health boost. For some, it is also a lifesaver for those having chronic pain and can reduce mosts body pains overtime.

Massages are all the same

Well, this is certainly not true. Massages have a variety styles and also each focuses differently on which part of the body and how the massage is done. Like in spa massages, it aims to make your whole body relax and and relieves your day to day stress. Clinical massages where licensed professionals will do the work focuses on problematic areas in the body of each patient  depending on the situation. Different types of massage will surely make you feel much better depending on what situation you have.

Drink water after the massage

Not all agree to this that you must drink water after the massage has been done. As long as you have no problem with kidneys, liver, lungs or other vital organs, then definitely there is no need for you to really drink water right after the session. Getting a drink after the session can be quite refreshing thou.

If the massage hurts, don’t mind it

There is nothing wrong with telling the therapist that the massage hurts. Call their attention right away for them to reciprocate on how much pressure they will apply. This is also a good indicator for them if you might have some problematic areas in you body that doesn’t need the extra pressure as it might do more harm than good. Then again, your aim should be to have a relaxing massage.



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